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The principles of Martial Arts techniques are based on the design of the human body.  Martial Arts develops a strong cardio vascular system and increases stamina and endurance.  Our Junior / Adult Program is designed for all individuals who are thirteen (13) years and up.  Some of the benefits of this program are:

  1. A total body work out effect:  

    • Stretching:  Prepares your muscles, ligaments, and tendons for exercise and develops flexibility.

    • Cardio warm-up:  Prepares your body for martial arts training through various cardio exercises to raise the heart rate and prepare the body for a series of kicking and punching drills.  These exercises help your cardio vascular system to work more efficiently.

    • Training:  Martial Arts skills include punching and kicking techniques designed to increase power through the development of the larger muscles of the torso.  Speed techniques come from the fast, agile muscles of the arms and legs.  As students progress, they learn to coordinate this speed and power.  Sparring techniques are also included (at orange belt level) to help develop judgement and agility.

  2. Opportunity to meet new friends:  Our classes also concentrate on building personal relationships with fellow students.  We encourage our students to have fun and interact with fellow students to develop friendships and partners in training.  Training, achieving shared goals, overcoming hardships together, and celebrating successes together builds strong friendships that will last a life time.

  3. Relieve Stress:  Martial Arts is a powerful tool used to relieve stress.  In today’s hectic world we experience mental and physical stress every day that causes physical damage to the human body.   Time spent in martial arts training allows an individual to concentrate on physical activity and personal training goals and results in a more relaxed feeling of well-being.


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