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FIT Martial Arts and Physical Fitness, LLC specializes in teaching children four (4) years of age and older.  In class, children will not only improve their physical fitness they will learn important life skills that will help improve many aspects of their lives.  Not only will martial arts training keep your children active it will teach your children responsibility, self-esteem, enhance concentration, and develop self-respect and respect for others.


Our children’s program is designed for children between the ages of seven (7) through twelve (12) years of age and offers an emphasis on personal responsibility.  Advancement is only achieved by learning forms, listening in class, and focusing on proper kicking and punching techniques.  Much of what our children learn about responsibility through martial arts carries over into other aspects of life in that grades and behavior are often improved.  It is important that our students understand that martial arts is not just a physical way to solve problems; martial arts is a “state of mind” that incorporates the tenant of peaceful resolution first.

  1. Sixty percent (60%) of class time is devoted to teaching martial arts skills such as discipline, courtesy, self-control, confidence, perseverance, and loyalty as well as the physical skills associated with martial arts such as kicking and punching techniques, and self-defense scenarios.

  2. Forty percent (40%) of class time is devoted to teaching important life skills such as honor and respect to parents, positive mind set, team building, developing good relationships with other children, and sharing with others.

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